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How to Prepare a Beautiful Sand Ceremony on Your Wedding Day

Demonstration of unity using sand is an old concept in America. It was a ritual that used to be exercised by indigenous Americans. It has now become very popular with couples as it adds glamour as the occasion becomes unique.

Unity sand ceremony happens in a marriage ceremony. People are using sand instead of candles. The candle ceremony is not very effective where there is a lot of wind. People can conduct it in beaches, fields, indoors or anywhere. The wedding couple fill a vase with sand particles of different colors.

It is a demonstration of how the two people despite their differences have become one and inseparable. The colors of the sand should not be different from the main color of the ceremony. It can be done at any time of the wedding ceremony as the couple desires. You can also include other relatives to make it more beautiful.

The ritual is beautiful and inexpensive. There are different ways of doing it which depend on the choice of the bride and groom. There are fond memories created from this rituals.

The ritual is a clear illustration of how nothing can come in between the couple to cause separation. The sand is made of two colors for each of the couple. The couple give each other time to pour sand into the vessel in different times. The bride and groom usually end this ritual by holding the small vessels together and pour the contents in the large contents which demonstrates dedication and unity of purpose. Couples give reassuring words during this ceremony. You can make the unity sand ceremony by including the existing children in the exercise. There are those people who will incorporate their parents to show respect for their family history. The couple needs to agree how much sand will be poured. This can depend on the size of the vessel.

You will have to consider a few things. The kind of container you choose matters a lot. You will need an attractive container which you will see every day as a reminder. You should have a well-shaped vessel. Never use very many colors as they may not give the expected harmony. The choice of color must put into perspective the color of your home.
The words exchanged by the couples matter to a great extent. They are additional vows apart from the marriage vows which are said while the couple is pouring sand in to the vessel. They are supposed to ring in your mind every day of your life. There are resources you should use to know how to choose memorable words.

Having the right colors, vases and vows can assure you of a special moment. Seek information from the right people about this kind of a ritual.

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