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Dr. Dewitt: Teeth Whitening Facts and Benefits

If you want to have a brighter smile, then it is time for you to undergo a teeth whitening treatment, which can be done in a dentist’s office or at home using whitening kits. Once you visit a dentist, your teeth will first undergo routine cleaning to remove any surface stains and yellowish discoloration, and photographs of your teeth will be taken, serving a basis to check the progress of your treatment. When it comes to teeth whitening, expect that you’ll be asked to come back for several sessions until you achieve the perfect whitening result for your teeth. You must equip yourself with the right knowledge and understanding about how teeth whitening is applied, and consider several factors before you undergo a teeth whitening procedure to avoid surprises.

Any existing teeth restorations like crowns or caps, veneers, bridges, and composite fillings won’t be affected, only natural teeth. You may not tolerate the bleaching agent if you have teeth sensitivity to hot or cold drinks, so your dentist may recommend using lower concentration of teeth whitening product. While it is true that it is cheaper having a DIY teeth whitening treatment using over the counter teeth whitening kits, the concentration is higher and professionally done by an expert in a dental clinic that performing the procedure by yourself at home. Gain more effective and better outcomes with a dentist’s help because you will be provided a better and expert service that is worth the service cost or professional fee, and you’ll be given custom trays so your teeth will be in closer contact with the teeth whitening agent. When it comes to different methods of teeth whitening, laser teeth whitening now exists, and the traditional methods include wearing custom trays or with the use of higher concentration of bleach using a special lamp for activating the bleaching material. Many dentists highly recommend either using a combination of dental teeth whitening and home systems, or just at-home systems alone.

Home whitening kits still require custom-made trays and whitening gels, which cost less. For those people who are regular coffee and tea drinkers as well as smokers, teeth whitening treatment is perfect for them, with ten shades of whitening effects. Brush your teeth regularly after your dental visit using whitening toothpaste in order to maintain whiter and brighter teeth. If you are looking for a trusted, reputable, and expert dentist in Vienna VA and surrounding areas, for your teeth whitening treatment, then come and set up an appointment now. Come and check us out on our website or homepage now to find out more about our teeth whitening and dental services! It is always best to have your dentist involved in your dental care, so contact us now and we will help you achieve a whiter and more beautiful smile ever!

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