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How I Made it to Sell My House for Quick Cash

I never thought it was a reality to sell your property fast for cash until I did it myself with some guidance from the articles I read on the Internet. I must confess that this is the best thing that ever happened in the real estate industry because it makes things significantly easier today. I would encourage anybody else who would like to sell their home free from the stress that comes with refurbishments, showing their home to potential buyers, and closing the sale to follow the same path.

First, I evaluated my house to find out how much I could sell it for. I was fortunate to get these details easily because all I needed to do was ask a friend of mine who works in real estate to help me. Nevertheless, you may also ask a valuer to help you out or carry out the research individually. All that you need to do is to take into account; the prices of the houses sold for the last 12 months in your region, the size of your house, the features of your home, the condition that it is in, how much it cost you to buy it, and any value you have added to it. This will guide you to choose a competitive value that will be fair to both you and the buyer, and prevent making losses.

Next, I looked around to see if I could get referrals from people and also searched on the Internet to locate companies which were marketing themselves. Finally, I chose five companies which I felt would work for me and arranged for physical visits. When I visited those companies, I enquired more about their processes and evaluated them based on how they handled me and whether I felt they would be efficient. I decided to move forward with three of them and asked them to come and buy my home.

Before the real estate investors set foot on my property, I did all those simple things that you can do to make your house more attractive other than renovating. The fact that I had already assessed my property’s worth enabled me to quote a sensible price which made the bidding process easier and I also utilized sales and marketing techniques to end up with the value that I felt I deserved. All the offers that were given were fair, but I chose to work with the one which gave me the best price and terms of the sale. Within five days the close was closed after I received all the cash for my property and I cleared the home for the investors. I didn’t have to follow up a lot for the transaction to be finalized because everything was flawless.

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